A Surprising Microwave Chocolate Cake

This is a simple chocolate cake recipe that involves a microwave oven. You can bake the cake in a a cup. Itsn’t that amazing! Prep time:10 minutes Cook time: 20 minutes Course: Dessert Cuisine: International Keywords: cake, quick cake, microwave-cooked cake Ingredients Instructions Click the link to download PDF version of this recipe.

Italian Biscotti

Biscuits are always delicious and can be quite versatile. This one is also called cantucci. This Italian biscuit recipe is simple and can become a favourite in any occasion. This crusty biscuit is also considered a cookie. Prep Time: 20 mins Cook Time: 30 mins Course: Breakfast, Dessert Cuisine: European Keyword: beef recipes, biscotti, christmas cookies, Italian biscotti, Italian …

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Donut (Paczki)

This is a sweet donut that is filled with a jam or jelly. Course: Dessert Cuisine: European Servings: 4 dozen Calories: 380kcal Keyword: donut, dounut, paczki, paczki recipe, polish donut, polish dounut, polish tradtional recipe Ingredients Instructions Click the link to download the PDF version of this recipe.

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