What You Need To Know About Granite Kitchen Tops

Every kitchen needs strong, stain-resistant counter tops. All counter tops have to endure  the rigors of everyday cooking and the unexpected mishaps that can occur in the kitchen.  At the same time it must be attractive and fit well with vertical surfaces in the kitchen. A favourite food-preparation surface is granite because of its durability, stain resistance and ease of maintenance. This type of counter top is therefore most likely to not burn or chip.


Granite is widely known for its beauty and durability.

Granite counter tops are expensive and come in the form of slabs, squares or tiles with a variety of edges, such as bull nose, blunt cut, and knife edge.  Their polish look are attractive and can therefore bring elegance to any kitchen.  On the other hand, granite, being a natural stone product is also known to likely to get stained and bacteria growth, most possible if tile granite is installed and would require regular sealing as it can harbor bacteria.


Granite counter tops are expensive and can range from $30 to $100 US per square foot.

Still natural granite is one of the best materials for counter tops, along side stainless  steel. Here is another reason for choosing natural granite when it come to cleaning it and keeping it free of bacteria.  Natural granite counter tops can be cleaned and free of bacteria better than any other surface counter top with a simple soap, and cleaner with vinegar.  The only other surface that is cleaned better with vinegar is stainless steel.

No wonder granite counter tops are most preferred by homeowners who take pride in a clean and functional kitchen.  The beauty and durability of natural granite is the added bonus.


 Granite is perfect for the outdoor kitchen as well.  It beauty, durability and functionality is extended to outdoor cooking.

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