Shelving for Style and Personality

Shelves are primarily used for storage and are a good substitute for cabinets.   As a matter of fact, open selves are an inexpensive option if you wish to change the look of your kitchen drastically.   Simply by removing doors of frameless cabinets and refinishing the shells, you can drastically improve the aesthetics and efficiency in your kitchen.  You can then then use this space to showcase your favourite decorative wares in ways that would reflect your personality.

The New Vogue



Like above, strong shelves can be used to display
brightly coloured dishes to add aesthetic interest to a simple corner.
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Open shelves not only made to store items in an accessible  manner, it can offers beauty which can compliment any design styles by displaying the owners decorative and timeless item. It also encourages you make use of wasted spaces in the kitchen.   The shelves can be painted any colour – to blend in with the wall or serve as a focal point.  They can be in a number of areas in the kitchen – above doors, in open spaces, above task areas, above cabinets, etc.


Shelves in a small room can make it seem open and well organized.
Here, a number of handy heavy shelves make this small apartment kitchen seem welcoming.

Open spaces above workstations should allow for comfortable reach.
Thus, the open shelves should be about 16 inches to 18 inches above a countertop
and no deeper than 12 inches.
The bottom shelf could conceal a task light.


Here, a simple kitchen which shows how efficient and stylish thick open shelves can be.
Above shelves hold a few storage jars and baskets that contains smaller items,
and the below shelves hold the pots and pans.
Also, objects that cannot be place to stand in a shelf is hung
The open shelves above help make food preparation convenient and easy
because of the open storage spaces for pots, pans and kitchen wares..

Open selves can also be made to keep a kitchen clean, neat, and well organized.  The simple shelves make it easy to find things, put back things,  and make items more visible – at a glance you can see what you have in a shelf. When open shelves are used, it encourages everyone to also maintain this neat and simple look.  Thus the whole family can participate in clean up.


Above, open shelves  offer a place used wares or dishes are easily stored at hand.
If you’re one for neatness, open shelves can help prevent excessive stacking.


Types of Open Shelves

There are three types of open shelves:

  1. Freestanding shelves. These shelves can be moved around and so work best in a kitchen space is significant.
  2. Built-in shelves. These are the most common, but must be kept simple and clean looking.   Built-in shelves are similarly used like shelves in a cabinet or pantry.
  3. Wire shelves.  These shelves can be used to store wide or flat objects.  They especially go great with other steel accents designs in the kitchen.  However, it is not suitable for tall thin bottles, wine glasses, etc.  They can easily tip over and end up making the kitchen look more unorganized.  The best material for wire sheves are wrought iron or stainless steel.


Here are some ideas:


 Above, the stainless steel shelves hold a number of task related items conveniently.


shleves 6

These wire shelves fit in just right in this space.  It is sturdy enough to hold a number of broad wares,
but handy for hanging some items that would stand awkward on it.



  Here, everyday dishes and ceramic arts offer a horizontal visual focus within the kitchen area.
The items are nicely proportioned on the shelves.



A kitchen designed with shelves that are built into a far wall or island cabinet, as above,,
provide an area for a few used items. such as, cookbooks, decorative plates, heirlooms, ceramics, or bowls.




 Shelves can be used to display your  decorative collectibles or your own craft.


Glass shelves can also be be very handy. They can make the open space bright and elegant,


Shelving in the kitchen is therefore determined by your needs.  However, experience has shown that the best shelves are adjustable and should be narrow enough to display or store the objects that should be kept on it.  Also, the colour or grain of wood should match the furnishings used in the kitchen.  Another thing, you can mix and match open selves with closed cabinets for a retro-style look. However, please remember that open shelves can get dirty or dusty looking easier.  Try not to place too much open shelves in your kitchen.  And do stack items neatly in open spaces.  The key is to avoid the clutter look so cleaning is easy.

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