west indian cooking

Spicy Coconut Rice

There is something unique about the taste of coconut. Its sweet nutty taste can contribute greatly to the simplest of dishes, even to plain cooked rice. That is why I had to do this recipe, a spicy coconut rice for all those who say white rice can be boring. So, here is an umami experience and a recipe to enjoy while you get all the nutritional goodness coconut can offer you.


Rumaki was the brainchild of Victor Bergeron, known as Trader Vic who ran a chain of successful “Tiki restaurants” back in the early nineteen hundreds. As far its ethnic authenticity, it was supposed to be more of a “Polynesian” or pseudo Polynesian dish.

Trini Red Beans

Red beans, better known as kidney beans, is a sure addition to the traditional Sunday meal here in Trinidad and Tobago so much so, that it is also called Sunday Peas by all trini cooks.

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