Sancoche is one of our favourite and homemade soups that is made in Trinidad and Tobago.

Corn Soup

Corn soup is real liming food in Trinidad; be it at a football game, Carnival, Panorama, a fete (all inclusive) or just a Friday evening lime with your friends, corn soup is a crowd favourite. I remember after work sometimes I would look for a corn soup man to buy a cup of piping hot corn soup and slowly sip on my way home. But this soup is not only considered street food, it is also a main dish like all the other soups we make.

Cow Heel Soup

Cow heel soup is another of the Traditional dishes that every Trini knows (or should know) how to cook. Everyone has their own variation to the soup according to their taste. Different vegetables and ground provisions may be added, some people add dumplings while others don’t, others may even add split peas to thicken it a little. No matter how it’s made the cow heel is the centre of attraction in the soup.

Fish Broth

There are those who believe that a good soup is the perfect elixir for all illnesses. From the time they feel ill they feast on bowls of soups daily – varying the type of soup so they don’t get fed up. I have been through that mood whenever I get a headache, the common cold, etc.

Crab and Callaloo

Crab and Callaloo is a popular dish here in Trinidad and Tobago. It can be served with almost anything you can eat for lunch and of course the crab just adds an extra flavour to any meal. I personally like my crab and callaloo with dumpling.


Dhal is one of our no-fuss meals that goes great with rice, or roti.


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