Trini Ham Bone Soup

Don’t throw away the ham bone. You can add it and pieces of ham to your soup for a smoked and seasoned flavour . You will enjoy this ham bone soup. Course: Soups Cuisine: Caribbean Ingredients Instructions Click the link to download the PDF version of this recipe. Click here for step by step recipe with pictures.Recipe …

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Creamy Comfort: The Art of Making Perfect Corn Soup

Corn soup is real liming food in Trinidad; be it at a football game, Carnival, Panorama, a fete (all inclusive) or just a Friday evening lime with your friends, corn soup is a crowd favourite. I remember after work sometimes I would look for a corn soup man to buy a cup of piping hot corn soup and slowly sip on my way home. But this soup is not only considered street food, it is also a main dish like all the other soups we make.

Cow Heel Soup: A Hearty and Healthy Choice

Cow heel soup is another of the Traditional dishes that every Trini knows (or should know) how to cook. Everyone has their own variation to the soup according to their taste. Different vegetables and ground provisions may be added, some people add dumplings while others don’t, others may even add split peas to thicken it a little. No matter how it’s made the cow heel is the centre of attraction in the soup.

Callaloo: A Versatile and Delicious Superfood

Callaloo is a highly popular and beloved side dish in the Caribbean. It is a stew-like dish that is made with a variety of leafy vegetables, most commonly taro leaves, spinach, and amaranth. The dish is typically seasoned with herbs and spices, including thyme, garlic, and scallions, and can also include meats such as crab, …

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