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Sauteed Tomatoes

Sauteed Tomatoes

Sauteed tomatoes goes terrific with bake, roti, and cornmeal fry bake. Course: Vegetarian Author: Felix (Simply Trini Cooking) Keyword: sauteed tomatoes, pureed tomatoes, cooked tomatoes Ingredients Instructions Click the link to download the PDF version of this recipe. Click here for step by step recipe with pictures.Recipe © Simply Trini Cooking. All rights reserved

tropical fusion salad, tropical fruit salad

Tropical Fusion Salad

Most meals are never complete without a salad. I could never eat pelau without a salad (and even a coleslaw); a macaroni pie must be accompanied with a load of salad at the side… and… I can go on. However, salads can be a main dish especially when I want a light but nutritious meal. This salad, I call it my tropical fusion salad.

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