Provision and Saltfish

Sometimes I get tired of eating rice so I like a little provision for a change. Provision comprises of root crops such as yam, dasheen (taro), eddoes, sweet potato, etc. and crops such as green fig (banana) and plantain. It seems like the days of eating provision are coming back as rice and flour are getting more and more expensive.


Here is another of our favorite one pot dishes. So for those of you who don’t like using too much utensils when cooking you will enjoy this. This dish is also one of my favorites. I’ve had it in so many different ways: with fish, pigtail, salt beef, saltfish… no matter what meat is used one thing remains the same, they all had breadfruit.

Yam Pie

This recipe really is just a variation of the usual potato pie that we make substituting the yam for the potato. You all may remember that I did a post similar to this one using the green fig, so if you’re still with me so far, we can see that there is a wide scope of provision pie variations

Salt Mackerel and Provision

Salt Mackerel and Provision is a classic Trini dish that we love to cook. Although salt mackerel is traditionally eaten during Lent especially on Good Friday, I believe, once it is available in the market, it would be eaten year round by all Trinis alike. Well, at least I would! Unlike saltfish, when cooking salt mackerel care must be taken since it is a delicate fish that breaks up easily.

Provision Soup

Ground provision, a collective group of root crops that we grow in the Caribbean, such as dasheen (taro), eddoes, tannia, cush cush, sweet potato and yam, can make a fulling and nutritious meal.

Yam Chips

The yam we used is called Juba Yam and is known for its sticky consistency when boiled. This type of yam is also perfect for some mouth-watering chips.

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