The Ultimate Guide to Preparing and Enjoying Chicken Foot Souse

Like pigfoot souse, chicken foot souse is another “liming food” we Trinis love to eat and I have to stress on the “love to eat”. Wherever there is a lime or a football match or a fete look out for chicken foot souse. The vendors could be seen with their souse in a large “pigtail bucket“* stirring with a “pot spoon“** to get at the chicken feet that may have sunk to the bottom of the bucket, while they “organize” a cup for a customer or two.

Pigfoot Souse: The Unsung Hero of Caribbean Cuisine

Have you ever heard of Souse? Souse is a way we Trinis pickle meat or trimmings, usually pig’s feet, cow tongue, chicken feet etc., by marinating it in water, seasoned with onions, cucumbers, pepper, salt and other seasonings. the process is simple and doesn’t take long to prepare. The marinating is also short, as compared to overnight marinating that some recipes require.

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