Cow Heel Souse

An Amazing Cow Heel Souse

This unique dish, cow heel souse, is well like at bazaars and beach limes. Cook Time: 25 mins Total Time: 25 mins Course: Meats Cuisine: Caribbean Servings: 4 Ingredients Instructions Notes Due to different types of pressure cookers and their efficiency, still check the cow heel about midway into cooking for doneness. What we’re trying to achieve is a soft …

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Savoring the Tender and Spicy Goodness of Curry Goat

“How much for de goat meat?”….” fifteen dollars ah pound” ….”Gimme two pounds” ….. ” OK! “ … The razor sharp cutlass (machete) glistened in the morning sun as the left handed butcher, deftly averaged and chopped up the goat meat. The cutlass moved effortlessly through the meat and bones in one clean cut. It was wrapped it up in “gazette” paper and put it in a clear plastic bag as was customary. My father then paid for it and I placed it in the “market bag”.

Curry Agouti

Agouti (Dasyprocta Leporina) may be considered a rodent to some, but to us Trinis this is a wonderful delicacy and addition to our normal menu when hunting season is open. And, beside curry stewing agouti, like I posted the last time, we also curry agouti as well. Perhaps this method of cooking agouti may be even more common than the curry stewing.

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