karela recipe

beef with caraili

Beef With Caraili

Usually I eat caraili by itself because of its bitter taste but when you have it in a dish like beef with caraili it takes on a different persona. Yes, beef with caraili is a little bitter but once you get over the bitterness, it is really great. Too besides, I’ll show you a method to get rid of most of the bitterness from the caraili so you can really enjoy the dish.

Kalounji (Stuffed Caraili / Karela)

Kalounji is one of the rare East Indian dishes I have stumbled on over the years. Everyone is accustomed to the roti and choka etc., but this one you don’t see often. Kalounji is made using Caraili or Karela (Momordica Charantia), better known as bitter melon or bitter gourd.

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