how to make pelau


Today I would like to share with you one of my favorite foods, and perhaps a favourite of every Trinidadian; it is pelau. Pelau (pronounced: pay-la-w) is a sure bet for any lime . This “one pot” dish is not time consuming, and is easy to prepare (once you plan your ingredients in advance) which makes it also ideal for picnics and river limes. As we say in Trini “this is ah fas’ cook”.

Pelau II

When it comes to trini cooking, one of the dishes that truly identifies with our culture is Pelau. Everyone on the island makes a good pelau and you could find this dish being served at any event, be it a cricket match; carnival; a beach lime; or a party.

Lamb Pelau

This is just a variation of Pelau, that is traditionally done with chicken. You could use any meat you like from pigtail to wild meat like agouti or even fish but today we will learn how to make a trini pelau using lamb.

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