Fry Bake and Saltfish

Salt fish is a favorite in Trinidad and Tobago because of its versatility in many of the dishes we prepare. Salt fish is curried with bodi, potato, string beans etc., it’s used in buljol and in accra, it also makes a perfect side dish with ground provision (dasheen, eddoes, tannia, yam, green fig, cassava etc.), and you just can’t forget a good plate of dumpling and saltfish.

Dumpling and Saltfish

We felt a little tired of the plain dumpling so we decided to do something different with it. Surprisingly, it added to the taste of the saltfish, that already has a considerable amount of seasoning in it as well.

Bake and Shark

when you’re liming either in an all inclusive fete or on the beach Maracas Bay, to cool down after a day of jumping up in the road, bake and shark is one liming food you just can’t miss.

Buss up Shut (Paratha Roti)

Buss up Shut or Paratha Roti is the third type of roti that I’m posting for you all. This, in my opinion, is the most favoured among the four types of roti, probably because Dhal puri (the fourth roti ) has too much work involved and the other two, Sada and Dosti, are generally eaten for breakfast or dinner. But Buss up Shut, is the one used for weddings and special occasions in Trinidad and Tobago.

Fry Cabbage

Time and time again, I just marvel at the simplicity of our cooking here in Trinidad and Tobago. With just a few ingredients we could whip up a tasty meal very quickly. To me, it seems like a common thread amongst all the cultures that inhabit the island.


Doubles is THE ULTIMATE Trini street food. It doesn’t get any better than this: it’s relatively cheap, tasty, wholesome, filling, fresh, piping hot and fits nicely in the palm of your hand.

Soya Pastelle

This pastelle recipe is for all my veggie friends and followers… or for those of you who just want to keep it “ital” for this coming Christmas. With that being said, soya pastelles are not alien to me, since my youngest sister doesn’t eat meat, save for seafood and eggs. So, I have been enjoying a soya pastelle or two during the Christmas season for a few years now.

Aloo Puri

Aloo puri is like dhal puri, just that it has potato in it. Now you may wonder why I didn’t call it a potato roti, you see a potato roti connotes a different idea in the trini mind. What we would call a potato roti or what you would get at a trini roti shop is really the normal dhal puri roti with a curry potato filling. I know it sounds a bit confusing but that’s how it is in Trinidad and Tobago.

Turkey Stuffing

This cornmeal stuffing is flavorful and colourful as well. It is well suited for any time of celebration – Christmas, Thanksgiving, New Years, you name it.

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