Marmalade Cheese Muffins

These marmalade cheese muffins are really delectable and they will certainly surprise you and your whole family. Perhaps the surprise may be on you seeing how fast they will go in under an hour. As soon as they come out the oven, everyone will be eying these muffins; and when they eat one, it will never be enough.

Three-Grain Bread

This three-grain almond bread, more a quick bread, reminds me of coconut sweet bread. When I first got this recipe, I felt I had to try it, but I did not expect the delicious results I got. The thing about it it that it does not contain any sugar – and you actually don’t miss the the sugar. The sweetness in it is natural, from the raisins.

Pork Pastelle

Pork pastelle is perhaps the best tasting type of pastelle you can enjoy during the Christmas season. To some, including me, a Trini Christmas isn’t a Trini Christmas without a few generous helpings of a pork pastelle or two.

Quick Cheese Bread

This quick cheese bread will surprise you. Even though this cheese bread is a quick bread, the cakey feel and taste will definitely make you wonder if this is bread, is really a bread at all.

Hot Cross Buns

Hot cross buns is also a traditional Good Friday Bread here in Trinidad and Tobago. These sweet spiced buns made with currants or raisins are very popular around this time. At the top of the buns there is always a cross marked on top or made with icing. These buns are more popular than the hard-boiled Easter egg hunt.

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