Divali Recipes

Aloo Puri: A Classic Indian Dish with a Modern Twist

Aloo puri is like dhal puri, just that it has potato in it. Now you may wonder why I didn’t call it a potato roti, you see a potato roti connotes a different idea in the trini mind. What we would call a potato roti or what you would get at a trini roti shop is really the normal dhal puri roti with a curry potato filling. I know it sounds a bit confusing but that’s how it is in Trinidad and Tobago.


Sawine or sewine is hard to describe: it’s not a drink yet we slurp it down in cups, but then it’s not even porridge because it has vermicelli in it. Confusing as it may seem, this is one sweet delicacy I look forward to every Eid.

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