Saltfish Recipes

Fry Bake and Saltfish

Salt fish is a favorite in Trinidad and Tobago because of its versatility in many of the dishes we prepare. Salt fish is curried with bodi, potato, string beans etc., it’s used in buljol and in accra, it also makes a perfect side dish with ground provision (dasheen, eddoes, tannia, yam, green fig, cassava etc.), and you just can’t forget a good plate of dumpling and saltfish.

The Savory Delight of Saltfish Accra: A Caribbean Classic

The first time I ate saltfish accra I thought that it was a brilliant method to cook saltfish. I was, and still am, amazed with the combination and its unique taste. I still think it should not be classified as an appetizer though – after all, I have willfully eaten about five of those little gems on one occasion and felt satisfied. If you feel you’re up to it to beat my five, go right ahead! =^)

Provision and Saltfish: The Best Way to Incorporate Saltfish into Your Culinary Repertoire

Sometimes I get tired of eating rice so I like a little provision for a change. Provision comprises of root crops such as yam, dasheen (taro), eddoes, sweet potato, etc. and crops such as green fig (banana) and plantain. It seems like the days of eating provision are coming back as rice and flour are getting more and more expensive.

salt mackerel and provision

Salt Mackerel and Provision

Salt Mackerel and Provision is a classic Trini dish that we love to cook. Although salt mackerel is traditionally eaten during Lent especially on Good Friday, I believe, once it is available in the market, it would be eaten year round by all Trinis alike. Well, at least I would! Unlike saltfish, when cooking salt mackerel care must be taken since it is a delicate fish that breaks up easily.

Bodi and Saltfish: A Classic Caribbean Combo

I must say that I’m always in awe of the simplicity of preparing some of our tastiest dishes here in Trinidad and Tobago. I might also add that it is also eating on the cheap. With the minimum of ingredients we can prepare a sumptuous meal for our family and friends. So in keeping with eating on the cheap while balancing a wholesome and flavourful meal, I have for you today Bodi and saltfish.

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