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Unleashing the Layers of Buss up Shut (Paratha Roti) : A Cultural Icon in Trinidadian Cuisine

Buss up Shut or Paratha Roti is the third type of roti that I’m posting for you all. This, in my opinion, is the most favoured among the four types of roti, probably because Dhal puri (the fourth roti ) has too much work involved and the other two, Sada and Dosti, are generally eaten for breakfast or dinner. But Buss up Shut, is the one used for weddings and special occasions in Trinidad and Tobago.

Aloo Puri: A Classic Indian Dish with a Modern Twist

Aloo puri is like dhal puri, just that it has potato in it. Now you may wonder why I didn’t call it a potato roti, you see a potato roti connotes a different idea in the trini mind. What we would call a potato roti or what you would get at a trini roti shop is really the normal dhal puri roti with a curry potato filling. I know it sounds a bit confusing but that’s how it is in Trinidad and Tobago.

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