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Italian Biscotti

Biscuits are always delicious and can be quite versatile. This one is also called cantucci. This Italian biscuit recipe is simple and can become a favourite in any occasion. This crusty biscuit is also considered a cookie. Prep Time: 20 mins Cook Time: 30 mins Course: Breakfast, Dessert Cuisine: European Keyword: beef recipes, biscotti, christmas cookies, Italian biscotti, Italian …

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Donut (Paczki)

This is a sweet donut that is filled with a jam or jelly. Course: Dessert Cuisine: European Servings: 4 dozen Calories: 380kcal Keyword: donut, dounut, paczki, paczki recipe, polish donut, polish dounut, polish tradtional recipe Ingredients Instructions Click the link to download the PDF version of this recipe.

Lemon Meringue Pie

Here is a quick and easy lemon meringue pie. Prep Time: 20 mins Cook Time: 50 mins Course: Dessert Cuisine: American, European Keyword: easy lemon meringue pie, lemon meringue pie Servings: 1 pie Ingredients Instructions Notes As an alternative, you can use this recipe to make lemon meringue bars.  Make the recipe in an 8-inch square pan and serve it chill. Click …

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beef jerky

Most Wholesome Beef Jerky

Learn fresh meat jerky is simply a nutritious and wholesome snack. This beef jerky is very easy to make once you gather your equipment. Prep Time12 hrs Cook Time4 hrs Course: Meats, Snack Cuisine: American, International Servings: 16 people Keyword: beef recipes, camping recipes, free online recipes, light snacks, recipes Calories: 82kcal Equipment Ingredients Instructions Notes Note the following: Here are links for …

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